Energy Technology

The Energy sector is in the midst of significant technological disruption. Rising energy and efficiency demands, fluctuating commodity prices, integration of renewables and distributed energy resources, aging infrastructure and changing regulatory environments are all challenges facing the energy industry today. Leading Energy and Industrial companies recognize that technology will be central to addressing these challenges and enabling digital transformation.

The Energy Sharing Economy and the disruption of the traditional utility business model is ushering in the most dramatic transformation of the Utility / Power industry in the past century. Utilities view software-led digitalization and the Internet of Things as cornerstones in enabling the Digital Utility and smart grid of the future.

The Oil and Gas industry has long been at the forefront of innovation by leveraging technology to maximize resource exploration, recovery and production and optimize asset management/compliance to enable the Digital Oilfield.

M&A activity remains robust across the Energy Tech sector driven by a wide universe of technology and non-technology strategic buyers, strong private equity interest and a highly fragmented landscape that provides fertile ground for continued consolidation.

Energy Tech capital raising activity has been accelerating as financial investors with abundant dry powder have been eager to deploy capital to address the sector’s challenges and assist with industry transformation. Strategic investors, grappling with the challenges facing their core market and business, have significantly ramped up investment activity to future-proof themselves and position themselves to play a leading role in the new energy economy and Industrial Internet of Things era.