Mar 14, 2018

Customer Interaction Management Platform and Adjacencies Landscape

DC Advisory US’s Customer Interaction Management (CIM) team, led by Chris Hieb, has developed a proprietary Platform and Adjacencies Landscape providing a comprehensive market map for the CIM sector, representing $120.5 billion in valuation. The CIM Landscape is exclusive to DC Advisory US and is the first of its kind for the sector.

“The CIM space is growing rapidly and experiencing a high velocity of M&A and investment activity, but to date no firm has undertaken a thorough study of the market,” said Mr. Hieb. “This market landscape is a key part of our practice’s focus, and we are continuing to work closely with our industry partners to further refine our investment thesis and facilitate market activity.”

View the CIM Platform and Adjacencies Landscape here: Customer Interaction Management Market Map_March 2018